State-Level Policy Information

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Andhra Pradesh: State-Level Policy

The Department for Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens is responsible for the welfare of persons with disabilities in Andhra Pradesh. The state has an estimated population of 13,64,981 persons with disabilities from the total population of 84,655,533. The state has issued three notifications under General Entitlements, one notification under Women & Children with Disabilities, four notifications under Education, ten notifications under Skill Development and Employment, ten notifications under Social Security, Health &Rehabilitation and Recreation, and three notifications under Accessibility, and has identified and notified medical boards for disability certification.

Uttar Pradesh: State-Level Policy

The 2001 Indian Census Report states that there are 3.6 million persons living with disabilities in the State of Uttar Pradesh out of a total population of 199,581,477(2011). The welfare needs of persons with disabilities in Uttar Pradesh are primarily taken care of by the Disabled Welfare Department of Uttar Pradesh, along with the Office of the Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities

Assam: State-Level Policy

The Directorate of Social Welfare and the State Commissioner for Disabilities have been set up in Assam. The 2011 Census revealed that in Assam 530,300 of the 3,11,69,272 population consisted of persons with disabilities. However, CBR Network claims that there is a disparity and the figure is 17, 79,968 (2006).