Meghalaya: State-Level Policy

Table of Contents

General Entitlements
Women and Children
Skill Development and Employment
Social Security, Health, Rehabilitation & Recreation
Schemes and Grants

Meghalaya has a total population of 29,64,007 out of which approximately 1,00,000/- persons are with disabilities. Meghalaya is one of the few north-eastern states, which has appointed a Commissioner for Disabilities. Most of the schemes and benefits given to persons with disabilities in Meghalaya are under centrally sponsored schemes.

1. General Entitlements

The Government of Meghalaya has not enacted any schemes under General Entitlements.

2. Women & Children with Disabilities

The government of Meghalaya does not implement any specific schemes for women and children with disabilities.

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3. Education

The State of Meghalaya offers special meritorious scholarships, financial assistance and allowance to students with Disabilities, among other things. It also has an early intervention programme to ensure school readiness among the disabled students. Further there is one scheme to provide scholarships for employment oriented courses.

Sl. No. Name and Details of the Scheme / Notification Description
1 Scholarships and allowances Scholarships are provided to students in recognized schools, colleges, and institutions from nursery to post-graduate levels.
Rates of scholarships vary according to the level of education and whether the student stays in hostels or is a day scholar.
Reader allowance is given to visually impaired students studying from class IX onwards.
Awards are also given to meritorious students with disabilities. These awards provide for additional allowances to students per month.
2 Financial assistance This scheme provides financial assistance to disabled students for uniform grant, book grant, conveyance allowance and unemployment allowance.
3 The Integrated Education of Disabled Children (I.E.D.C.) Scheme
Issuing Authority: Central Government
Provides educational opportunities for children with disabilities in common schools, to facilitate their retention in the school system and also to place in common schools, such children already placed in special schools after they acquire the communication and daily living skills at the functional level.
4 Aspiration Scheme under the National Trusts Act The scheme aims to work with children of 0-6 years with developmental disabilities, to make them ready for mainstream and social schools.
The activities carried out under this scheme are: awareness generation amongst parents of persons with disabilities, assessment and evaluation of children with disabilities, motivation and counselling to parents and families, training for daily living activities, pre-school skills – (pre-reading, pre-maths, etc.)
Therapeutic services which include physiotherapy / occupational therapy / speech / psychotherapy and psychiatric intervention, audio logical assessment and suitable referral, music drama / play therapy / pre-vocational training, facilitation in getting admission into special school and inclusive school and respite care services (for parents).
5 GyanPrabba A scholarship scheme for doing any employment oriented course after schooling.
Under the scheme, a monthly scholarship of Rs. 700/- shall be paid for upto 1 year
6 Samarti

Issuing Authority: Central Government

Residential services – both short term (respite care) and long term (prolonged care).
Activities in a Samarth centre include early intervention, special education or integrated school, open school, pre-vocational and vocation training; employment oriented training, recreation, sports, etc.
The facilities in the home would be available to both men and women on a 50-50 per cent basis and shall cover all the four disabilities under the National Trust.

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4. Skill Development and Employment

Currently there is no evidence that the Government of Meghalaya has reserved 3 per cent of jobs for persons with disabilities, in line with the provisions of the Persons with Disability Act, 1995. The orders and notifications for reservations in government jobs show reservations made for various tribes and scheduled castes, but there is no reference to reservations for persons with disabilities. The Government however offers Vocational Training to the Physically Handicapped persons to make them eligible for the self–employment schemes. The Government also offers other subsidies and sponsorships for the self–employment of Persons with Disability.

Sl. No. Name of Scheme Description
1 Vocational Training to Physically Handicapped for Self Employment Scheme This Scheme provides financial assistance to NGOs for carrying out vocational training
2 UddyamPrabba This is an interest subsidy scheme for self-employment. A person with disability who takes a loan from any bank or NHFDC can get interest subsidy of 5 per cent if he/ she is below poverty line (“BPL”) or 3 per cent otherwise on loan amount upto Rs. 1 lakh
3 ARUNIM: Association for Rehabilitation under National Trust Initiative of Marketing Helps persons with disabilities in product designing, production processes, packaging and marketing to enable them to be financially independent
4 Miscellaneous Schemes
Issuing Authority: Central government
These schemes aim to encourage business and self-employment for persons with disabilities through loans and financial support under the following schemes:
• National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation Schemes for Financing Projects.
• Self-Employment in Small Businesses.
• Assistance to Disabled Entrepreneurs.
• Assistance for Higher Studies, Professional Training.
• Assistance for Agricultural Activities.
• Scheme to Promote Manufacturing / Production of Assistive Devices for Disabled Persons.
• Assistance for Skills and Entrepreneurial Development Programmes.
• Schemes to promote Self-employment amongst Persons with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy and Autism.

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5. Social Security, Health, Rehabilitation and Recreation

The Government of Meghalaya provides rehabilitation treatment, life-long shelter and care to Persons with Disabilities, under various schemes. It also provides training to caregivers for taking care of Persons with Disabilities.

Sl. No. Name of Scheme Description
1 Rehabilitation Treatment for the Disabled Scheme Provides financial assistance to persons with disabilities who cannot afford to undergo treatment inside and outside state.
2 Gharaunda Scheme Group Home and Rehabilitation Activities Under National Trust Act for Disabled Adults is a new scheme for providing life-long shelter and care to persons with disabilities in group homes
3 Sabyogi It is a new and revamped scheme of caregivers training and deployment. A new training module has been designed and a system of training and deployment of caregivers has been provided for under the scheme.

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6. Accessibility

The Government of Meghalaya does not have any schemes for Accessibility by Persons with Disabilities.

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7. Certification

The Government of Meghalaya provides for the issue of a disability certificate.

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8. Schemes & Grants for Organisations & Individuals for Disabilities

Grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organisations provides financial assistance to organisations that work for persons with disabilities.

Sl. No. Name of Scheme Description
1 Grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organisations Provides financial assistance to:
• Voluntary organisations for maintenance of special schools and vocational training for persons with disabilities;
• Organisations that work for the rehabilitation of leprosy-cured persons; or
• Organisations that work with persons with cerebral palsy and mental retardation.

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9. Disability Authorities

Meghalaya has two authorities responsible for the welfare of persons with disabilities:
• Department of Social Welfare
• Commissioner for Disabilities.

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