One of a kind gift for India!

India Access Hub is the result of a snowball effect from a request to visit the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University in June, 2013. Amy Goldman, the Executive Director of the Institute was attending a conference called "M-Enable" in Arlington, Virginia and was not available. She invited me to attend I decided it would be a worthwhile venture and so I registered. At the conference, I met Joyojeet Pal, a Professor at the University of Michigan. Coincidentally, Joyojeet and I discovered we have a mutual friend, Rahul Cherian, whose trail-blazing life was cut short in 2013. After chatting for a brief time, I discovered Joyojeet's interest in disability related social projects and I invited him to come to the National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH) in Kerala when he had time. We discussed the possibility of a project collaboration with his students.

For a long time, an accessible, user friendly, information-rich web resource for Indians has been a dream for me. India's official sites have not lived up to the need of the users. So when my colleagues at NISH came up with the idea of creating a user-engaged site for disability policy I was excited. This seemed like the perfect project to partner with Joyojeet and graduate students at the School of Information at the University of Michigan.

The team at NISH led by Anne Verghase and the 3 students from the University of Michigan's School of Information and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy have been virtually collaborating on the site since November. The students recently arrived in Trivandrum to supervise the launch of India Access Hub and coordinate usability tests to add the finishing touches. I am pleased to welcome you to what I hope will be an invaluable online tool for the disability community to gain information on relevant policy, service providers and more without having to research across the internet or spend hours asking others. This site is for you, the user, to gain access to a large and supportive community in India and we are open to your feedback!" -- Sam