All have dreams; dreams of their own. Nothing can replace them.
Like any boy of Ernad, my childhood also was filled with dreams.
I did my schooling in a village primary school in North Malabar and Secondary and Higher Secondary studies in a far off school.
I had had a fever two months before annual examinations when I was in the ninth standard.
After a few days I realized that shocking fact that I was unable to hear the voice of my mother.
For the first time in my life I could see tears flowing from the eyes of my beloved mother.
The beauty of the rainbow that I used to enjoy is now being erased by the clouds.
Mixed with my sweat and the hot tears of my mother, I drew another rainbow;
a rainbow of seven colors.
Some called it NISH, an institution filled with silence and solitude.
My soul named it a Silent Castle of Red Sand.
A lot of spectacular sights were awaiting my arrival.
Alone, in its corridors, I witnessed the onslaught of the monsoon and the dryness of the summer.
Then, in the middle of another monsoon, I stepped down the Red Sand Castle and walked away to the far off horizon!
Some name it life. I have encountered a lot of faces in this long run.
A gifted artist has a Midas’ Touch! Whatever he touches he turns it into a great piece of art.
Each man is the creation of that Great Sculptor of the Universe.
Whatever that Sculptor creates becomes great works.
I am one among the sculptures he has finished within this Red Sand Castle.
A sunflower like a rainbow;
A multinational company’s trademark;
And the trademark of my dreams as well.
I am here ….. amidst the skyscrapers—
Within the drowsy codes and the greenery—
To draw many, many rainbows!