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The National Institute of Speech and Hearing (NISH) is the creator of Access Hub, which is an online web resource for the disability community in India. Access Hub is a collaborative effort in partnership with Centre for Internet & Society, Inclusive Planet, and University of Michigan's School of Information.

Access Hub provides those in the disability community (professionals, allies, caretakers and people living with a disability) with a platform that allows its users to search for disability service provider information, learn more about specific policies in their states, and ask questions to experts in various disability fields:

  • Service Providers: Find information on disability service providers based on disability type and specific regions in India.
  • Policy Information: Search for disability policy documents pertaining to specific regions in India.
  • Discussion Forum: Ask and answer questions pertaining to various disability-related topics, such as accessibility, equipment, disability benefits, and more.

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Email: accesshub@nish.ac.in
Twitter: @IndiaAccessHub
Facebook: Access Hub

If you would like to comment on the accessibility of our site, or if you are a policy expert or service-provider representative, please click the link below and let us know your username and the reason for your query:
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